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How to order ;

1. Select the size and quantity of the desired product and click "Add to cart".

2. Check if there are any items in the cart, and if you want to see other items, click the "Continue Shopping". 

3. When all the items you ordered are in the cart, check the contents and click "Proceed to checkout".

4. When purchasing, please enter "1. Shipping Details" and proceed to "Continue".
(If you register as a member, you can enjoy shopping smoothly from the next time onwards without entering your name or address, just by logging in.)


5. After confirming the delivery address information, select "2. Delivery method".

6. Check the order details at the bottom to display the order details, check if there are any mistakes, and if there are no mistakes, proceed to "3. Payment method".

7. Select either credit / debit card or PayPal as the payment method and enter the required information.

8. If the billing address is different from the shipping address, please uncheck "Same as the shipping address" and enter the billing address.

9. Click the "4. Review & Place Order" and if there are no mistakes after confirmation, press the "Place Order" to complete the purchase.


10. The receipt number for completing the order will be displayed on the screen and an order confirmation email will be sent to the registered address.
* In rare cases, due to the time lag of inventory update, the product may be out of stock and the product may not be available.
In that case, please note that we will contact you as soon as possible regarding the cancellation process.

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